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Miscellaneous Gallery

Welcome to Waterloo Bay Lapidary's curated collection of miscellaneous stones, gems, and jewellery pieces. In this gallery, we invite you to explore a diverse array of captivating creations, ranging from unique gemstones to intricately crafted jewellery items. Each piece in this collection represents the artistry and expertise of our lapidary craftsmen, highlighting the beauty and versatility of natural materials. We hope you enjoy browsing through this eclectic assortment and find inspiration in the exquisite craftsmanship on display.


Using everyday things to enhance the gem stones


Creating art work

Rebecca's Puffin.jpg

Puffin made from different rocks and set in copper


Playing with setups

Jennifer's silver Coral reef 4.JPG

Casting Ocean


Casting a Phenix

Rebecca's slab hut 1.jpg

Copper and Silver replica house

Rebecca's Koala.jpg

Koala in tree

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