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Faceting Gallery

Welcome to our faceting photo gallery, where the brilliance of gemstones comes to life in stunning detail. Explore the mesmerizing world of faceted gemstones captured in exquisite photographs, showcasing the artistry and precision of lapidary work. Each image tells a unique story of craftsmanship, showcasing the beauty and allure of gemstones from various angles and perspectives. Whether you're a seasoned lapidary enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of faceted stones, we invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating allure of our faceting photo gallery.

four Triangles _edited.jpg

Four Triangles cut Clear Quartz

Les' No 7 & 8 Champange glass & Carafe with glasses 3.jpg

Something outside the box! so very tiny.

A two-dollar coin would be bigger then the

carafe base.


Competition Gem Stone in Citrine

Carolyn's 27 Rand's cut corner rectangle 1.JPG

Competition Stone in Citrine

Pink Christine No. 8-11.jpg

Pink Christine

No 8

Clear Topaz Cut Emerald.jpg

Clear Topaz
Emerald cut

Rutile - before.jpg

Rutile before faceting

Rutile faceted.jpg

Rutile before faceting

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