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About Us

Waterloo Bay Lapidary Club Inc. is a not for profit organisations (WBLC).

Experienced volunteers teach the art of...

Lapidary – the art of cutting and polishing gems is called lapidary. The process involves cutting and shaping of stones into cabochons or carving for softer stones. You can also tumble stones giving them lovely polish and bringing out the beautiful colours and lines in the rocks.

Faceting – precious gems/stones such as topaz, quartz, garnets, sapphires etc carried out on faceting machines.

Silversmithing – at our sessions learn how to set your stone in silver or create a unique silver jewellery piece.


Benefits of our club

  • The lapidary club welcomes beginners to experienced and welcomes all ages 12 to 90+.

  • WBLC showcases the clubs’ works and creations at local Brisbane libraries, Wynnum and Carindale promoting our club to the wider community.

  • The club is a supportive community for our members including people with disabilities, older age groups and members from culturally diverse backgrounds.

  • Provides a social outlet for all members.

  • Promotes a feeling of involvement, helping reduce the risk of loneliness and mental health issues in all age groups.

We hope this information will be of interest to you so please accept our invitation to come to our club room during any of our workshop sessions and join the local lapidary community.

WBLC currently is located in Brisbane at: 

Hemmant Hall,

31 Hemmant Tingalpa Road

Hemmant QLD 4174

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