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Faceting is the art of cutting precious gems/stones such as topaz, quartz, garnets, sapphires. Faceting is carried out on a faceting machine using patterns as a guide.

Les CZ 2.JPG

Created by Les Todkill

Maria's Gem (11).JPG

Cubic Zirconia

Maria's Quartz 1.JPG

Created by Maria Anderson

WBLC will provide tuition on critical information about the faceting machine and techniques involved in the process of faceting. This will start you on your journey: 

  • the parts of the faceting machines and what they control

  • care and maintenance of the machine

  • pattern designs

  • settings of the machine in relation to pattern requirements

  • choosing the first stone to work with TV glass or quartz

Your first gemstone will not be completed in a few days or a few weeks remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Faceting is time consuming, frustrating, interesting and fascinating all in one! However our club will support you through your journey. If it was easy everyone would be doing it!

Something different in faceting. Champagne glass, Carafe and Glasses  Four triangles. Smokey Quartz.


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